Hello, and Welcome to Virtue Inc. a NON Profit organization for girls. Virtue was established to create a safe space to support adolescent girls through art and cultural experiences. Through collaborative community programs, workshops, and events our organization seeks to inspire and mentor young women to operate at their optimal level. It is our goal to immerse our future leaders in endless opportunities for both personal, educational and professional development. At Virtue, we are guided by seven (7) core principles; Integrity, Dignity, Honor, Respect, Accountability, Morality and Service. We are committed to investing into our youth so that they will in return, reciprocate the same dedication, respect and service to other young women within their reach.

 Virtue – it’s not just a look, it’s a lifestyle!



Coach L or Mama Linda to many, because her job exceeds beyond coaching, mentoring and training. She’s a life advisor and nurturer to women and girls.

Born in Cleveland Ohio, Linda’s journey in modeling started at age 19, introduced to Barbizon school of Modeling by her mom. Linda was exactly 5″9 in the 6th grade, by 10th grade 5″10 by 21 she was 5″11, where her growth spirts ended. She was introduced to runway makeup artistry and photography through Barbizon.

Once completed Linda’s life took an unexpected and exciting turn. She received her first casting call to Chicago, where she auditioned for Fashion Fair, Johnson Publishing. Selected out of thousand, her and many others they were offered to participate in a 7-month Fashion tour, travelling state to state. Linda’s passion for Makeup had grown as well, so when arriving back home she took on a makeup counter position at a local department store for the same company..

Linda became a Regional Mgr. and a few years later a position came available  in beautiful California. 2 lines at 2 different locations, excited and astatic she jumped right on it. From there another proposition, relocating Linda abroad in the beautiful Italy, working in both her modelling and makeup field for almost 8 years. She returned back stateside with a new life, new language, new visions.

In 2005 now relocated to Atlanta Ga. Linda says her faith took first priority in her life and direction. Feeling pulled and drawn more towards training and empowering women and girls in life, she began to nurturing them using her tools in Model Etiquette, Linda birthed out a nonprofit organization called VIRTUE Inc. stemming from the Biblical Proverbs 31, Virtuous women. Linda says there’s more to being a model for a show, but being a role model for life. Currently contracted in her county, Gwinnett, her program Model4Life challenges women and teens to be better than their circumstances, more than conquerors and how to strive to be their very best in life.



Virtue Inc.

Mentoring programs provide prevention and empowerment to girls. We strive to enhance their lives through enrichment programs, 101 counseling, products, workshops and events that serve and inspire individual advancement. Our programs result in the increase of confidence, courage, educational and personal development. 


Model4Life – Weekly mentoring program and After school

Camp Virtue – Summer camp program

RISE2SHINE – Yearly Teen Empowerment Event


Every year, beginning from 2018, our sponsors have lent a hand in donating funds towards the operations of our mentoring program Model4Life.

VIRTUE Inc. a nonprofit organization goals have been to provide service for our community 4 times a year. 6 week courses in every season. Through Gwinnett county Parks and recreation whom contracts our M4L model mentoring program, we are provided reduced rates for studio rentals and registration fees for our students. So thus far, I’m excited to say, through their giving we are able to pay 80% of all fees.


If you’d like to become a sponsor or donate to Virtue Inc. we would love to hear from you!

We Thank All Sponsors, for helping us win in our community, for our kids! 

TransAtlantic Sales · Mueller Kueps · Elvation Medical · Deborah Greenway @ Feig Electronics · Brian Sweeney @ WITTA America · United Way of Atlanta · SAMS CLUB


Phone 770-362-2526 (Zelle)
Paypal virtuebyl@gmail.com
Mail 1706 Charcoal Ives road, Lawrenceville ga. 30045